Season 1, Episode 3,   Jun 24, 2020, 04:11 PM

Most job entrants want to get off to a good start. They want to make favorable impressions quickly.   However, most job entrants approach the first few days of employment hesitantly.  Typically, they wait for someone to set them up and get them started.  They expect people in the organization to step forward and enthusiastically offer explanations, training and help.  Usually they become disillusioned and anxious in the first few days.  What can an organization do to bring new job entrants to an effective level of productivity and customer satisfaction quickly?  Les Cowie, author of the book for job entrants:  “New Job? Fast Start! 7 Steps to be seen mastering your new job quickly”, and a special edition for In-Company Mentors “7 Steps for Employees to Be Successful Quickly” explains the 7 X-Ray views he uses to capture the most relevant job content.