Putting #BeMoreDigital into action

Jun 30, 06:00 AM
In this episode, we’re bringing you another release from our March conference. Following the success of our recent #BeMoreDigital Leadership Day and the amazing sessions we had, this panel discussion seems particularly relevant to inspire charities to use everything they’ve learnt and put #BeMoreDigital into action. 

Charities have the tools, knowledge and resources on all things digital, but knowing where to start can be challenging. Transitioning your charity into anything new is never without its difficulties, but sometimes the biggest issue is knowing where to begin.  

In this panel, our three fantastic speakers from Home Start, Shout and The Children's Society each share their varied experiences with implementing digital. They discuss the digital projects that changed their organisations, what was required to drive digital innovation, how they were able to grow and how they’re looking towards a better and brighter digital future.