S1 | E4: Team Time. 'Reaching In': The Importance of Connection, as well as Interaction, During Exceptional Times

Season 1, Episode 4,  Jun 30, 2020, 06:00 AM

The fourth episode in a short series aimed at supporting leaders and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join host Debbie Wayth as she explores dilemmas and challenges during this period for leaders and teams. 30th June 2020.

What is the difference between how well we connect versus interact with each other?  Why does it matter in a pandemic?  With a prolonged period of ‘enforced' separation from some, and 'enforced' proximity with others, as well as many experiencing 'Zoom fatigue', how well do you feel heard/seen by those you work with/for, and those you are close to?  
Supported by Harvard’s 75-year study in to what makes a healthier and happier life, we know that the quality of our relationships and connection is paramount.  
We each have absorbed high levels of conflict through this period which has to have an impact on how we are feeling.  We need to support each other more than ever to avoid the second wave becoming one of mental health and well-being.  
In this episode we’ll talk through this and explore micro-connections that you can start today, including 'reaching in' to others, rather than waiting for them to 'reach out' to you, and to consider the quality and motives related to our listening.