Thrive On Challenge | J.P. Nerbun

Jul 06, 2020, 01:00 PM

J.P. Nerbun is a mentor, writer, coach, sports consultant, and founder of Thrive on Challenge. He has a teaching degree in physical education and sports science from the University of Limerick, one of the top universities in Europe for sports education. He’s coached at nearly every level imaginable, with an understanding of how to apply the principles, systems, and strategies to build a transformational culture. Our conversation focuses on raising young athletes, developing teams, transformational leadership, and more. You can learn more about J.P. and Thrive on Challenge here:

Table of contents:
0:00 - Introduction
1:40 - Growing up playing sports
6:00 - Pursuing Basketball 
9:30 - External pressure in sports
13:00 - Chasing scholarships 
20:45 - Transformational leadership 
29:15 - Developing cohesive teams
37:15 - The importance of mentorship
42:00 - Virtual sports consulting 
47:00 - Hosting coaching culture podcast
49:30 - What would you do differently?
58:00 - tips for coaches

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