Why teaching yoga online is an incredible and feasible business model for yoga teachers

Episode 32,  Jul 04, 2020, 08:30 AM

Teaching yoga online is an incredible and FEASIBLE business model for yoga teachers.

You might be thinking, 'why would someone pay for yoga online when there are so many free classes on YouTube?'

In this episode I explain why people will pay for YOUR online yoga courses.

Topics Covered:
  • The online learning industry
  • Making more impact by reaching a global community
  • If creating an online yoga course is right for you
  • Conversion rates and number crunching
  • Why making money from yoga is a good thing
  • Why teaching online is life changing for you and your students
  • Reach people who don’t have access to yoga studios
  • Online yoga courses will give your students better results
  • Creating a business asset to create more financial freedom
  • Gaining credibility and becoming an expert in your niche
  • The online yoga course framework you need to follow

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