Jul 03, 2020, 01:54 AM

When Mike and Ryan disrespect the language of the Truckers, Dave orders them to take a Sensitivity Course to better understand and appreciate trucker culture.

This is David “Video-man” Snider bringin’ ya another episode of Apocalypse Video -- come back...

Well, I’m sorry to say, Mike and Ryan have done it again. They’ve gone and disrespected the trucker lingo - right to a War Rig driver’s face, no less! But worry not, wastelanders. I’m on the case! Luckily, one of us at the store knows of the honorable heritage of the Truckers and ain’t about to let this slight stand!

I’m your host and lead driver, David Snider, and joining me on this convoy are fellow cinephiles and long haired Jesus freaks Ryan Caldwell and Michael Althouse.

Listen as we discuss the fascination with CB culture (aka the OG Social Media); we wonder how much more slo-mo would have been in the fabled 220 minute cut of Convoy; and finally, Mike has the gall to say that Kris Kristofferson doesn’t have eyebrows as he further threatens the wrath of the Truckers.

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This is Dave “Video-Man” Snider, signin’ off -- Over and out.