The Wuzzles - Moosel's Monster

Jul 11, 2020, 01:00 PM

Immortan Hoof and Dave dive into the seemingly innocent world of The Wuzzles, only to find something far more ominous under the surface.

Ahhh, 1985; a year filled with wonder. Back to the Future reigned at the box office, New Coke assaulted our taste buds, and The Goonies taught us to “never say die!”...but meanwhile, during all of these pop culture milestones, something was happening on television screens across America. Unbeknownst to parents and their kiddos, aged 2-4, they were getting a subliminal lesson in mental anguish by a bunch of hybrid cartoon animals.
I’m your host, David Snider, and joining me as we begin our two part dive into the bizarre Land of Wuz is Ruler of the Wasteland, Patron of the Animated Arts, and a man with a lot of monsters in his head, Immortan Hoof.
Listen as we discuss the shocking parallels between Moosel’s Monster and Jacob’s Ladder; the Wuzzles reveal themselves to be unsympathetic a-holes; and finally, we theorize that LSD must have been used to imagine the wild and twisted world of Wuz.
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Immortan Hoof and Dave will return to the magical world of Wuz with...What’s Up, Stox?