American Saints: Episode 22 (Myth-busting the legends of Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Reagan)

Jul 06, 2020, 10:00 AM
In this final episode of Season 2 we imbibe a juicy obscure vintage cocktail called the National Guard 7th Regiment Punch. We learn about the history of this “foxy wine” based concoction and how it links to Stephanie’s story. Please note that we depart from our regular scandalous program to again close the season by myth-busting American legends. We dive into the real men behind the myths.

ALSO DISCUSSED: Our summer break re-release series, flip phones, the poet Young Jeezy, Target looting, racist bones, Bette Davis, snitches getting to become president, jaw gums, the movie The Band Played on, and not giving a shart. 

STEPHANIE sets fire to some toxic myths about Abraham Lincoln.

TUX shines a light on Ronald Reagan’s uniquely destructive presidency.

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