Google Hotel Products Evolve! Who Will be Winners and Losers?

Jul 06, 2020, 03:42 PM
Today we are joined by Pablo Delgado, CEO of mirai

In our last conversation with Pablo we discussed how the hotel distribution landscape could change going forward.

Today we talk specifically about Google and the role it plays.

We look at how Google has evolved a number of its products and how they can be of real value to hotels in a risk free way

We explore the possible winners and losers because of Google’s ever increasing dominance

And finally we consider how the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft may drive consolidation of metasearch and OTAs in the travel space.

Here are some topics we discuss:

  • Insights into Google products, name changes and value to hotels
  • Changes to Google commission program (originally called GHACP)
  • Evolution of Google Promoted Hotels into Property Promotion Ads (PPA)
  • Advantages of PPA over traditional CPC approach – now a risk free model.
  • Upper funnel has higher volume but lower conversion so be realistic with commission
  • How have Google become dominant in travel so quickly
  • Google’s pivot from Google Hotel Finder
  • Who are the winners and losers of Google’s dominant position
  • If Google wins, the user wins, the hotel wins, the OTAs lose
  • Will the market consolidate through mergers or acquisitions

If you would like to watch the interview you can see it on our YouTube channel by clicking this link:

Here is the previous interview with Pablo on how Hotel Distribution might change going forward: