Naturopathy: The Road to Natural Health

Jul 10, 2020, 07:00 AM

Human beings have more bacterial cells in their bodies than human cells. We were designed that way. Which means that we have to take care of the bacteria in our bodies. Tina Anderson is a former trial attorney who moved into the legal department of a family pharmaceutical company and realized that she was meant for more.

She realized that she was extremely frustrated by the abuses in the pharmaceutical industry and knew that she needed to learn more about natural health. She has since learned all she can about disease prevention and how our gut is responsible for over 70% of our health. 

Tina and her husband have developed a revolutionary formula for a probiotic that does indeed make its way into the gut. The most important thing a probiotic can do! She shares how they reserved the rights to the strains of probiotics that they use in their products and why it’s so important for us to truly consider our gut health.

Our healthcare system is great at treating symptoms of problems, but it’s up to us to treat the root cause of disease. Listen as she shares about natural health, the role of bacteria in our lives and health, and ways that you can start to experience better health now. Key point to note: we are constantly under so much stress and stress causes untold damage to the gut. Learn how you can repair it the right way!

Show Notes:
  • [01:03] Welcome back to the show. Are you ready to learn all about natural health?
  • [03:17] Tina shares her story and why she moved into natural health.
  • [05:32] Is it true that 70% of your health is in your gut? 
  • [07:26] How careful do you have to be when choosing supplements and probiotics? 
  • [10:30] Why you should talk to the brand of probiotic you’re considering taking. 
  • [11:41] Learn the most important thing you should consider when taking a probiotic.
  • [14:16] How do you make your first meeting with someone really count? 
  • [15:48] What challenges has Tina faced in educating consumers about her product? 
  • [17:45] Learn what causes leaky gut. 
  • [20:26] Tina shares her biggest AHA moment while building her business.  
  • [22:34] Why hand-washing is so much better than antibacterial solutions. 
  • [25:11] Listen as Tina shares her last bit of parting advice. 
  • [26:45] Connect with Tina. 
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