S1 | E6: TeamTime. Racial Injustice: Hosting Complex Conversations

Season 1, Episode 6,  Jul 14, 2020, 05:00 AM

This episode continues my journey learning more about systemic racial injustice and white privilege in the UK. In particular I focus on how leaders can host a meaningful discussion aimed at furthering understanding through sharing our stories of difference, and listening well. I’ll talk you through a frame that examines your context, self-awareness, the experience of those affected, and the wider group. I also include a list of things not to do if you are hosting one of these conversations, and what to consider if working virtually.

The sixth episode in a short series aimed at supporting leaders and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join host Debbie Wayth as she explores dilemmas and challenges during this period for leaders and teams.
Music by Elias Lemoniatis.