Career & Life Coach - Isabel Sanchez

Season 2, Episode 80,   Jul 15, 2020, 05:30 AM

For episode 80 we are joined by Coach and Co-Founder of Hack Camp, Isabel Sanchez.

Isabel’s career started off in social enterprise and then merged with the tech sector working with the likes of Lifeline & Just Giving. Most of her roles revolved around working with people - establishing collaboration with clients, colleagues and developing others. As a result, her passion for empowering people led her to pursue a career in coaching.

Together with the wonderful former Greater than 11% podcast guest, Samira Musa, they founded Hack Camp - coaching to enable ambitious young leaders to transform their lives from the offset. In addition to their coaching, their fist initiative ‘Future Leaders’ was put together and launched in a matter of weeks in response to The Black Lives Matter movement. They are currently focusing on arming the next generation of young Black leaders with the right tools and methodologies to reach their full potential.

Isabel discusses why she was drawn to coaching, her personal approach and shares her and Samira's vision for Hack Camp and Future Leaders.

If you want to learn more about Hack Camp and get some coaching you can do so here:

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