Episode 115: The Happy Place

Jul 16, 2020, 03:55 PM

Katie Fehlinger returns to JSC to talk about her new book, "My Happy Place", as well as life after TV news.

As the 2020 season rolls on, Jay welcomes Katie Fehlinger back to the People's Podcast.

Katie returns for the first time since her record-setting appearance on Episode 102 (Convo starts at the 14:10 mark). She talks about life after TV News the last 9 months, goes in greater depth about what truly drove her out, talks about her new book "My Happy Place" and the process of writing that book, working out of her car, and how an infamous 2017 JSC Quote found its way into the book and drove her spirit.

Plus, Jay has had enough with people being idiots about COVID-19 and he nicely asks y'all to WEAR A DAMN MASK!

For more on Katie and "My Happy Place", go to http://katiefehlinger.com

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You can order the book on Amazon: https://bit.ly/katiebook

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