Status of UK Fundraising  

Jul 21, 2020, 07:00 AM
Alongside service delivery, how charities raise funds has been one of the biggest changes to happen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
But what exactly does the lockdown fundraising environment look like?  
Blackbaud Europe and the Institute of Fundraising conduct a Status of UK Fundraising report every year, and the 2020 Benchmark Report has captured how the sector has truly been affected by coronavirus. The data was collected in May and June 2020 via an online survey of 66 questions and just shy of 2,000 people from organisations of all types, shapes and sizes completed the survey. 
The report came out yesterday, Monday 20th July and we caught up with two curators of the masterpiece Sally Falvey, Head of Corporate Marketing, EMEA at Blackbaud and Daniel Fluskey Head of Policy and Internal Affairs at the Institute of Fundraising to chat through the findings and how to take them forward as a sector. 
Download the report here. 

This podcast is sponsored by charity technology partner Blackbaud Europe. Their fundraising CRM software supports over 1,500 charities in the UK, while JustGiving from Blackbaud powers the digital fundraising of over 26,000 good causes that have raised £4 billion since 2001. To get your copy of The Status of UK Fundraising 2020 Benchmark Report, visit: