S1 | E8: TeamTime. Transition and the Corona-coaster of Emotions

Season 1, Episode 8,  Jul 28, 2020, 05:00 AM

We’re used to lots of minor transitions at this time of year as the schools break up, many look forward to holidays where we enjoy socialising free from the constraints of the office, or responsibilities. But this year it looks and feels different. The number and scale of those transitions has stepped up. What were previously fun and looked forward to, can now hold some trepidation and anxiety about what might be or what we might return to. So what can we do as we enter these many transitions and ride the ‘Corona-coaster’ of emotions? Whilst no-one likes to dwell in the days when we’re feeling low. By focussing on how I am now, and even being curious rather than frustrated by my feelings I free myself. We can’t know what even our small part of the world will look in the months to come but we have a window of opportunity to focus on ourselves, our families and our home teams - to refresh, reflect and refocus (the new 3Rs…!). How will you rejuvenate in this ‘holiday’ period?

The eighth episode in a short series aimed at supporting leaders and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join host Debbie Wayth as she explores dilemmas and challenges during this period for leaders and teams. 28th July 2020.