Pork Midweek Meal Campaign Results 2020

Jul 29, 05:00 AM
In a world that’s constantly competing with emerging food trends, diets and changing tastes – it becomes harder for farmers produce to rise above the noise and maintain the front and centre position, on the plate.

The marketing and advertising people do their utmost and headlines, a few weeks ago shouted Porky Brits now fatter than pigs – a topic of a separate podcast – which supports the work being done and the latest research, showing the fat levels in certain cuts of pork have now dropped.

LovePork is an AHDB marketing initiative fashioned to challenge consumer’s perceptions of pork – and in the latest results following the LovePork TV advert, 89% of consumers think Pork is now leaner and a healthier food choice.

John Bates, speaks to AHDB’s Strategy Director for Pork - Angela Christison, Retail Insight Manager - Kim Malley and Marketing Lead - Carrie McDermid. They will take us through how they changed consumer perceptions and how the campaign generated £12.4m of additional spend.

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