Have You Discovered Your Superpower?

Jul 31, 2020, 11:00 AM

You ARE meant to make an impact. Disagree? Then listen as Sangita Verma chats about why the GiftSuite brand is making an impact FOR you.

You see, GiftSuite has taken care of one of the most important pieces of business ownership… employee engagement. That being said, engagement equals so much more than simply asking questions. 

Sangita has built several successful businesses in different niches and the underlying factor that has equaled success is employee engagement. Listen as we chat about mindset and belief. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back? 

You are not meant to live a life of mediocrity, listen in to learn why!

Show Notes:
  • [02:56] Welcome Sangita and learn more about her path to entrepreneurship.
  • [05:16] What is it about her current company that makes her feel proud? 
  • [07:55] Are there traits needed to survive in this post-pandemic world? 
  • [09:54] We are managing emotions in a different way these days. Learn more. 
  • [12:29] Does Sangita tackle or approach obstacles in a certain way? 
  • [15:41] Who has influenced Sangita the most? 
  • [17:59] Why you need to speak your truth and be vulnerable. 
  • [19:37] What advice would Sangita give to her younger self? 
  • [22:34] Is social media important to growing your business? 
  • [25:17] How can you find your passion and share your superpower? 
  • [26:31] Learn lateral things…
  • [27:35] Connect with Sangita.
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