Getting a Grip on Your Print Shop | Tom Bouwer (Traction and EOS Expert) at PrintHustlers Conf 2020

Aug 06, 2020, 02:00 PM

Get a grip on your print shop! Entrepreneurial operating system expert Tom Bouwer joins us to share his knowledge about EOS and "Traction," a legendary book that teaches you to take control of your business. Learn simple tactics and tools you can use to master your business strategy – these are things you can implement TOMORROW to start seeing results IMMEDIATELY!
What exactly does Tom suggest to do in your business? Well, he covers a TON of ground in this action-packed presentation – so you'll want to take it all in a few times – but he develops a comprehensive way to have the right people, vision, data, issues, traction, and process in your business.
Can you define your core values? Your core focus? Your 10-year target? And how about the final linking piece – the marketing strategy? Tom shows you how businesses can capitalize on understanding their mission and specifying it to drive business forward. But it's not about taking the time once to draft a bunch of documents and then forget them! You have to revisit these ideas in a scheduled, regimented way to stay consistent.
Tom's book, "What The Heck is EOS?" ( is a delightful companion to "Traction". Read more:
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