The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Surviving Almost Anything | Dr. Sherry Walling | PrintHustlers Conf 2020

Aug 08, 03:00 PM
Dr. Sherry Walling has spent her professional life serving entrepreneurs – but as a therapist and counselor for issues of mental health. "There have been a number of high-profile suicides among brilliant, successful, highly functional people," Dr. Walling says. "In your life as an entrepreneur, you're going to experience some different mental health challenges – it's important to tell the truth about what's hard!"
Dr. Walling is joined by her husband Rob Walling, a "serial entrepreneur" who's dealt with his own challenges despite resounding success. From handling anxiety and a "busy mind that's hard to shut off" to burnout, there's no shortage of traps and pitfalls along your path. With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has felt more stress and anxiety – not to mention pressure from needing to pivot your business, lay off employees, or simply adapt to a challenging new business environment.
While our conference is called "PrintHustlers Conf," it's really a space for community and wellbeing...not hustling. You spend the rest of the year hustling, growing, and challenging yourself – so this conference is where you can take a load off, slow down, and look back on how you're doing.
No topic is off-limits at PrintHustlers Conf, and mental health is a top priority as we head into the next year. Dr. Walling brings a perfect mix of practical insights and sensitive, loving kindness. If you can't love and look after yourself, who will?
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