It Is Not the Triumph, It Is the Struggle - Professor Georgi Momekov

Aug 21, 2020, 10:11 AM

“It is nice to have the ability to exchange ideas and to show research, especially in such a problematic period. All kinds of research activities and competitions are welcome, because they give us the opportunity to keep on working in our fields.” – Professor Georgi Momekov
Professor Georgi Momekov is a lecturer for pharmacology and pharmacotherapy at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Sofia. His general field of research is oncological pharmacology, with projects mostly aimed at discovery of anticancer molecules from natural products, predominantly plants, but also from marine organisms and fungi. This year he was elected as a member of a specialised expert council responsible for elaboration of guidelines and treatment strategies related to COVID-19 in Bulgaria.
Professor Momekov is also active in numerous practical studies, conferences and task forces about drug interactions. All of these efforts are clinically relevant, especially in an evolving professional environment. 
“In Bulgaria, as in some other post-socialist republics, clinical pharmacy is not as developed as in Western Europe or North America. The role of the clinical pharmacist in hospitals is also quite different. However, the field is developing very fast, especially in the oncological department.” – Professor Georgi Momekov
One of the catalysts for the progress of clinical science is also publication of achievements in revered science journals and participation of Bulgarian practitioners at competitions such as the International Medis Awards. 
“In such competitions it is not important who the winner is. It is nice to collaborate and show what you are going to do, to get some context and some knowledge about what is happening in your country and to check what is the practice in the neighbouring countries. So I think Bulgaria will at least take part in this competition.” – Professor Georgi Momekov
To find out more about the state of clinical pharmacy in Bulgaria, listen to our podcast. In the weeks leading up to the International Medis Awards, we host scientists, doctors, pharmacists, professors and journalists who are transforming science into a field accessible to the general public.