Do You Really Want to Be In a Relationship?

Aug 21, 11:00 AM

If you wanted to be in a relationship, you’d be in one. While that may seem a bit on the nose, for Simone Milasas it’s a fact of life. Think about it. Think of one thing recently that you really wanted, do you have it now? Did you make it happen? Perhaps you don’t really want that relationship right now. Listen in to learn more. 

Simone is an international speaker, author, and an acclaimed business and life mentor. She has traveled the world and used her experiences to dig deeper into business, the joys of life, and understanding our relationships. 

Imagine writing a book with your ex. Now imagine that you and your ex are no longer together because you realized that you weren’t bringing each other up, not because you weren’t right for each other. That’s exactly what Simone and her ex did. She’s super open about their relationship and the fact that it wasn’t that something was wrong that caused them to break up. 

Something just wasn’t right. 

This was an amazing conversation about the importance of understanding why you want a relationship and then finding love for yourself. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. If you’ve been set on finding a relationship but it hasn’t happened yet, ask yourself, do you really want a relationship? 

Show Notes:
  • [02:33] Welcome Simone Milasas to discuss all things relationships.
  • [03:06] Did Simone always feel she would be an entrepreneur? 
  • [04:28] Were her travels impactful in building her first business? 
  • [06:38] How is her book different than other relationship books? 
  • [10:23] Why perfect is really a judgment. 
  • [13:22] Sharing is not caring. Learn why.
  • [16:22] How important is the trust that you have with your partner? 
  • [18:26] Learn how Simone approaches challenges in her life. 
  • [20:18] Relaxation is a conscious decision and has no judgment. 
  • [22:45] Any big AHA moments? 
  • [25:47] One last piece of advice about relationships and the mode of receiving.
  • [26:40] Connect with Simone. 
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