How to Price Heat Transfers With Supacolor

Aug 21, 02:32 PM
Learn how to price heat transfers with Supacolor's Rum Walia and Mike Modgill on this episode of the PrintHustlers Podcast!
Download the Supacolor Price Calculator and learn more here:
The Basics of Pricing Heat Transfers: You can price heat transfers with a very simple formula. You simply add together:
-Your desired margin
-Your press charge
-The price of the heat transfer.
-You can also amortize additional business costs into your heat transfer prices.
For example, Supacolor has a flat-rate 2-day shipping charge of $15 for their heat transfers. You can add that as a setup fee for the entire order, or have heat transfers shipped in bulk and spread the fee across several orders.
Let's discuss what each element of the heat transfer price equation (Markup + Press Charge + Heat Transfer Price) really means.
This is simply the amount above the price of the heat transfer that you charge. 30% to 50% margins are an ideal target.
Supacolor recommends charging a different margin depending on your customer and the complexity of the job. A wholesale account may get a lower margin, while a retail customer would likely receive a higher margin.
"Press Charge"
This is a flat, per-piece charge that's applied to each piece. Consider this the "fee" for using your heat press for the product.
While SanMar suggests starting with a $1 press charge, Supacolor claims that $0.60 is a reasonable fee.
“Nobody can tell you that $0.60 is the press charge you should go with no matter what. You're going to have to make adjustments to these numbers. SanMar, for instance, recommends going up to $1.” - Rum Walia of Supacolor
We show you how to more accurately calculate your press charge later in this article.
"Heat Transfer Price"
Supacolor has a 20 piece minimum order quantity and flat-rate, 2-day shipping.
This means, for all intents and purposes, calculating the actual price of the heat transfer is very easy. You can just add the shipping cost ($15) to each heat transfer.
Like a screen printing shop, Supacolor gives bulk discounts.
Their products are arranged by sizes. Heat transfers were traditionally sold in sheets, so there was incentive to purchase as many logos as possible for a given transfer. Supacolor's system doesn't require you to play that kind of game.
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