The True Tragedy of Richard III (Induction)

Episode 160,   Aug 23, 2020, 07:25 PM

A look at the opening of the True Tragedy of Richard III

What's Past is Prologue: The True Tragedy of Richard III, by someone for the Queen's Men.
The True Tragedy of Richard III is a a truly disturbing piece of Brechtian theatre, several centuries early, and one we'd like to do one day. Here's just the prologue/opening to tantalise and moderately annoy you.
The opening is performed by Geir Madland as the ghost of Clarence, Pamela Flanagan as Truth, and Seb Ransom as Poetry.
Our little recording is followed by a read through from our YouTube exploring sessions - you too can join in, updates on our website -
The contributors for the exploring session on Richard III were: Francis Cox as Poetry; Sarah Blake as Truth and Helen Good, Tamara Ritthaler, Alan Scott, Aliki Chapple, Liza Graham, Elizabeth Amisu, Ruth Evans, Simon Nader and Jitka Stollava. You can watch all the exploring sessions on YouTube -
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