*Special* - £20k for 20k - Thank you

Season 2, Episode 83,   Aug 26, 2020, 03:55 PM

Welcome to this special episode of Greater than 11%. We are celebrating and shouting out to all those that have donated to our £20k for 20k fundraising campaign.

The Greater than 11% podcast will reach 20,000 downloads by the end of August. We are super proud of this figure and thank all of our wonderful contributors and for listeners helping us reach this milestone.

The podcast is a self-funded initiative and we set off to fundraise - on the premise coined by co-host Crystal Eisinger - if we had a £1 for every download we would be able to raise £20,000. Ambitious yes but we wanted to give it a shot and with the funds, award financial assistance to fellow creatives that are struggling fiscally, emotionally and mentally as a result of the pandemic and its impact.

Who are we talking about:
Those that work as cast & crew in the Film+TV and Theatre Industries
Creative educators outside the schooling system
Creative Producers
Craft makers
And so many more people and jobs that have been affected.

If you are a regular listener or this is your first time to Greater than 11% you can find details on how to donate here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/greater-than-11---20k-for-20k 

A huge thank you and shout out to those who have donated to date: 
Pascalle Burton
Lucy Ferguson
Beth Foster
Nicola Rix
Mari Continenza
Ally Waring
Simon White
Craig Fenton
Nicola Kemp
Jen Clark
Amarat Sehgal
Jay Richards
Rina Atenza
Joe Hill
Lisa Goff
Lucie Gledhill
Hilary Joiner
Still Epsilon
Beck Gooby
Tessa Atkins
Marilyn Ford
Chantell Glenville
We have also had a number of anonymous donations so thank you to those secret squirrels! 🐿