"Delegate and Elevate" | The One Skill Screen Print Shops Need to Grow

Aug 27, 02:00 PM
“Delegate and elevate.” This crucial leadership skill is how you can grow your business. Don’t get stuck in the business! Stay on top of it.
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Entrepreneurs hustle hard. From the beginning, we train ourselves to do everything. But the attitude that took you from Step 1 isn’t the attitude that will take you to Step 2. You have to manage a team and enable them to execute your vision. You can’t just work harder and harder in the same way!
Here’s THREE WAYS to delegate and elevate:
1. Write down everything you do every single day for 2 weeks. This is how you can show yourself exactly what you’re spending your time doing. Ever seen “Hoarders”? This is like taking everything out of the hoarder’s house and showing them the problem. Do you really have the time and capacity to do all of these things?
2. Create LOVE and DON’T LIKE columns, and figure out which tasks you LOVE and which tasks you DON’T LIKE. You’re probably good at the things you LOVE. And the truth is you probably spend too much time doing the things you DON’T LIKE! Those tasks you don’t like? It’s time to find someone to take those things over. There is someone that love taxes and accounting, or dealing with people, or handing art feedback. Even if you can’t hire them now, you’ll know exactly where you can get help first – or give current employees more responsibility.
3. Delegate the low-value tasks and believe in your responsibility to do high-value activities. The reason we call this “delegate and elevate” is because it elevates your business. You have to really believe that this is true (and we promise...it is!).
Low-value tasks are strangling your business. If you have the team and the right people to help you with these tasks, you have to overcome the mental block that’s preventing your business from running at its full capacity.
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