Does Current Education & Training Support Revenue Manager Evolution

Aug 28, 2020, 08:42 AM
In today's podcast we are joined by:
Peter Russell, Operations Director at Russell Partnership Technology

Janel Clark, Founder of Next Gen Revenue

Professor Dr Detlev Remy of the Singapore Institute of Technology.

In this video we look at Revenue Management from the viewpoint of Education, Training and Mentorship.

We explore how much time is dedicated to teaching Revenue Management at a University or Hotel School and what depth does the course go into.

We then discuss attitudes towards investing in Revenue Management.

And finally we consider, with so few leaders coming from a Revenue Management background how are those starting out in their revenue career being mentored.

Video Chapters:

0:00  Topic Intro
1:15  Brand Intro
1:25  Welcome Guests
2:39  Peter Russell Introduction
3:33  Janel Clark Introduction
4:34  Dr Detlev Remy Introduction
6:08  How much time dedicated to teaching Revenue Management
11:53  Limited time in curriculum reflects depth of teaching
15:28  How many studying a Hotel Degree will consider a career in Revenue
22:21  What is Hotel industries commitment to training and development
35:50  Isn't an investment in Revenue Management the easiest to see a return
41:11  Is it illogical to be laying off Revenue professionals
50:04  Is there enough mentor support around for revenue professionals starting out and developing
53:52  Wrap up
55:28  Endplate 

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