Putting digital at the heart of your brand

Sep 01, 2020, 06:00 AM
In the age of digitalisation and the internet, organisations need to be doing more to stand out above the noise to achieve influence and brand originality. When starting out with digital, it's easy to lose focus on your brand in the noise of transformation. So what does it take to embed the brand into digital?

This panel discussion brings Collette Philip-Keen (Managing Director and Founder at Brand By Me), Zohra Vermani (Brand Marketing Lead at Parkinson's UK) and Kellie Stewart (Head of Communications and Marketing at The Sick Children’s Trust) together to argue why digital is integral to both your brand and org-wide digital strategy, providing tips and tricks for how you can make your brand stand out digitally with authenticity and inclusivity, personalisation, partnerships, and entertainment.

This session was brought to our audience live at our #BeMoreDigital conference, this podcast includes the session from the day and live Q&A to the experts.