The Bumper WSL 2020/21 Season Preview Show

Sep 01, 2020, 02:56 PM

The WSL is back and so are Kait Borsay and Lynsey Hooper! So much has happened since we've been gone that it's only right and fair that we get the best mind in women's football along to help guide you through it all. Yes Katie Whyatt, The Telegraph's women's football writer, is this week's guest.

On this week's show we go in depth, team by team, to see what they're made of for the upcoming season to decipher and predict where they'll be in nine months time.

And with this summer being the mother of all transfer windows we speak to one of the biggest stars of the game making the journey across the Atlantic to be here, Manchester City's Rose Lavelle spends time telling us about her move. 

There's also time for a little chat about the Lionesses new head coach. Phew!


PART 1a - The big WSL overview: transfers, Champions League spots, and double FA Cup (01.30)

PART 2a - Chelsea - how to keep them all happy? (09.50)
PART 2b - Manchester City - Queens of the transfer window (16.40)
PART 2c - Rose Lavelle interview (20.00)
PART 2d - Arsenal - the underdogs for the title (26.00)

PART 3a - Aston Villa - the NKOTB (30.30)
PART 3b - Manchester United - transfer rumours abound (34.20)
PART 3c - Everton - how did they get Valerie Gauvin?(39.30)
PART 3d - Reading - the MBE team (42.00)
PART 3e - Spurs - difficult second album? (44.20)

PART 4a - Birmingham (47.50)
PART 4b - West Ham (50.20)
PART 4c - Brighton (52.300)
PART 4d - Bristol City (53.30)

PART 5a - There’s a new head of the Lionesses (57.00)


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