INSIGHTS: How Screen Printers Can Survive 2020 (And Beyond) | Ryonet at PrintHustlers Conf 2020

Sep 02, 11:00 AM
Feeling shocked by 2020's turbulence? Screen printing has changed dramatically in just a few months, making a shift toward e-commerce and masks while moving away from events. Ryonet founder Ryan Moor joins us at PrintHustlers Conf 2020 in this incredibly informative and transparent look at the screen printing industry's future.
Ryan compares the industry's current predicament to the Great Recession and even takes a look at Printavo's own unique data that shows the catastrophic drop in business – and subsequent recovery.
WHAT'S NEXT? The market grows and expands, with a focus on direct-to-customer sales. Things consolidate and change. Uncertainty reigns, and the businesses that can adapt will thrive under interesting new conditions.
A huge thanks to Ryonet, Allmade, and for sponsoring PrintHustlers Conf 2020. Without them, Printavo would not have been able to hold this groundbreaking online conference.
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