Brake The Mould Parking Podcast: Episode 05 - Rhoda Brain, Digital Agency Owner

Episode 5,   Sep 10, 2020, 10:25 AM

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Rhoda Brain onto the podcast, to tap into her valuable insight and vast knowledge on managing remote teams. Rhoda has worked in international Marketing agencies, managing upwards of 50 people remotely, all over the world. Many of us in the parking industry had been thrown into the deep end with the need to Work From Home, but could it be an opportunity to change how we manage our businesses?

Rhoda shares her key tips on creating a high-performing virtual team, that is not tied down by the physical location of an office – but still manages to perform.

 Rhoda also answers the question that has been at the top of my mind, can we create, or even simply maintain a company culture when working remotely? Rhoda thinks we can, and in some ways, working remotely allows for an even better way of driving culture and focusing on performance.

Learn the tools that Rhoda uses to manage her virtual team across the world, including some highly valuable productivity trackers and her own SOP for ensuring the whole team is communicating effectively on projects.