The Harrowing of Hell (Full Cast Audio Adaptation)

Episode 163,  Sep 13, 2020, 03:15 PM

A full cast audio version of a very early Harrowing of Hell play

The Harrowing of Hell - A full cast audio adaption of one of the earliest surviving Biblical dramas in English, with bonus material of our first exploring read through of the text.
In the Harrowing of Hell - the Narrator was played by Geir Madland, Jesus by Robert Crighton, Satan by Pamela Flanagan, the Gatekeeper by Mark Scanlon, Adam by Simon Nader, Eve by Gillian Horgan, Abraham by Geir Madland, King David by Mark Scanlon, John by Seb Ranson and Moses by Rob Myson.
Technical presentation by Robert Crighton, with additional sound effects from
The Exploring Session readers were Richard Fawcett, Liz Cole, Alan Scott, and Maria Walker.
A modern production of the play with an updated script was directed and adapted by Dr. Jeff Dailey in 2019 - you can catch it on this video here.

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