Hunted by Nazis - Jan Ballsrud

Sep 14, 2020, 11:00 AM
00:00 Introduction 
09:52 News ( Xbox leaks, Walking Dead final season, Nick Cage as Tiger King) 
30:43 Jan Baaslsrud (Main Topic) 
52:00 Personal with the podcast (Our weeks, small talk, etc) 

 On this weeks podcast, Chris tells the incredible tale of Jan Baalsrud, a commando of the Norwegian resistance, the sole survivor of a Nazi attack who eluded Nazi forces in the unforgiving Norwegian wilderness. 

The guys also catch up on the latest news, including the Xbox console leaks, new world records, and Tom Crusie and his crazy stunts. 

There are of course plenty of tangeants and screwups, and at one point the guys deal with a minor existential crisis.