Should You Buy a DTG Printer?

Sep 15, 01:53 PM
Before you buy a DTG printer, you need to watch this video. DTG (direct-to-garment) printing has immediate appeal to most entrepreneurs. It’s sold as a fast, easy, and affordable way to print infinite colors onto t-shirts and other apparel. Supposedly, the prints sell themselves and simply purchasing a DTG machine sends your business into the stratosphere!
Except...not so fast. DTG printers are a great investment for your print shop. Well…a great investment if you can meet the following three criteria.
Criteria 1: You have the right customer base.
DTG printers are ideal for: one-off prints and small, low-quantity orders.
DTG printers are NOT ideal for: large, high-quantity orders or your first piece of printing equipment.
Criteria 2: You have the right plan in place for equipment.
DTG printers are great if you already have the right equipment to support them: a curing dryer, a heat press, and a DTG pretreat machine.
When you look at DTG printers, remember that they require additional equipment to actually function in a print shop!
Criteria 3: You know how to sell your DTG printing service.
DTG printing is not right for every type of customer you’ll serve. While it seems like a lot of successful shops simply plug in their DTG printers and have everything figured out, the odds are good that a lot went on behind the scenes to create the business to support the DTG printer.
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