What Type of Boss Are You?

Sep 18, 11:00 AM

Why is it important to start and engage in difficult conversations? Because without them change is impossible. Nassim Abdi spent 12 years as an educator in topics around diversity and inclusion and the intersections between gender, race, and other identities as they relate to systems of discrimination or disadvantage. 

She was later cast in a Netflix-featured film, Secret Ballot, and realized that the Q&A sessions she had were one of her favorite aspects of creating the film. She was engaged and the questions, while difficult, generated amazing conversations. 

It was then that she decided to create StoryBolt, a marketplace platform that enables attitude-changing conversations around the topics of Diversity and Inclusion, using the power of documentary storytelling. Stories are what reach into our hearts and demand action. StoryBolt uses storytelling to generate action through discussion and consideration. 

Listen as we chat about Nassim’s transition from educator to entrepreneur and why her time in the lecture hall helped her find success in front of the camera. Nassim shares tips for the first steps you should take when starting your business, and why it is so important to understand that you cannot build a successful business all on your own. 

We must have the hard conversations. No matter if you own your own business, you lead a team of people, or you’re preparing to one day lead, you have to be willing to be an agent of change. Listen in to learn more.

Show Notes:
  • [01:36] Let’s talk about being the boss!
  • [03:00] Why did Nassim become an entrepreneur and why StoryBolt? 
  • [03:58] What types of topics did Nassim teach on when she was an educator? 
  • [06:02] How Nassim’s film experience influenced StoryBolt.
  • [07:13] Did any of her skills from teaching in the classroom transfer to entrepreneurship? 
  • [09:36] Has Nassim had any AHAs as she’s grown in her business? 
  • [12:30] What steps did Nassim take in the beginning that really helped her business? 
  • [15:31] Why you shouldn’t dabble with your finances per Nicole Rodrigues. 
  • [18:09] How does Nassim stay focused with everything going on? 
  • [21:31] The app that Nassim uses to stay on top of networking. 
  • [23:50] What can you do to keep your passion and be the boss in your business? 
  • [25:23] Connect with Nassim.
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