Psycho Chicken-Face & Peanut Butter Volcanoes

Season 5, Episode 39,   Sep 23, 2020, 10:05 AM


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Hurricane Sally aftermath, Tim thinks Ellen's employees are babies, Steph got Jeff a Peanut Butter Volcano cookie from the Detroit Cookie Company, Chris Collinsworth likes 'em young, Pepsi releasing new a beverage to help you fall asleep, "Raised By Wolves" gets a second season (and we cover the most-recent episode), the Emmys, congrats to Schitt's Creek...

Rad Libs! The Red Box Troll returns (sorta) with a new game - in the spirit of classic 'Mad Libs', Jeff and Steph give the adjectives, nouns & verbs and Trollie 3.0 reads a movie synopsis. Hard to explain, but fun.

This week in pop culture history! September 23 - September 29.

What we're watching and listening to: Steph gave Fatal Attraction a re-watch (how does it hold up?), Dancing With the Husband Killer, Ratched (everybody noping out on it), Pen15, Expedition to the Edge, Talking Sopranos, Where the Bodies are Buried and MORE. STAFF PICKS: Steph says to check out, Great British Baking Show (9/25 on Netflix) and Jeff recommends, Utopia, on Amazon Prime.

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