How Much Do You Know About Aromatherapy and Health?

Sep 25, 11:00 AM

Can aromatherapy really help you fight off environmental diseases, aging, and illness? Yes! According to science and the experiences of many, they really can. Linda Oviatt is a Certified Aromatherapist and author who has spent the last several years studying, learning, and sharing everything about essential oils and their place in our health.

Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are everywhere. They’re in the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, and in many of the products we use. But not all essential oils are made equal. Linda is sharing why big box store essential oils are a bastardization of true therapeutic oils and what you can do to better inform yourself.

She also gives us a rundown of the three major schools of thought on essential oils and the best way to use them and why it all depends on you and your history. For many, essential oils are thought of when diffused, but you can also gain benefit when the oils are used on your skin or ingested. Linda is truly knowledgeable about all things aromatherapy and her insights are extremely useful. She even shares the one big hold up when she first started studying aromatherapy and how she’s overcome it. If you’ve been interested in living a more holistic lifestyle using natural remedies for sickness, pain, and other ailments, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Show Notes:
  • [01:10] New Jersey is starting to reopen!
  • [03:03] Welcome Linda Oviatt to chat about aromatherapy and health. 
  • [04:44] Did she go through any education process? 
  • [05:39] Do people typically understand aromatherapy right off the bat? 
  • [07:20] Learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • [08:19] What is the right way to use essential oils? 
  • [10:53] Is a diffuser a good way to introduce essential oils into your life? 
  • [12:50] Which oils go with which benefits? 
  • [15:54] Where does massage come into play? 
  • [18:04] Why you should stay away from essential oils in the big box stores. 
  • [20:55] The biggest lesson she has learned in her career with oils.
  • [22:15] What keeps Linda feeling vibrant and healthy every day? 
  • [23:52] Linda’s final piece of advice regarding health and aromatherapy. 
  • [25:01] Connect with Linda.
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