Alien Abduction: Betty and Barney Hill

Sep 28, 11:00 AM

This is the story of Betty and Barney Hills 'Interrupted Journey'.


00:10 - Intro
03:35 - Nick Cage News
06:58 - The Abduction of Betty And Barney Hill
1:00:20 - Community Questions
1:28:00 - Personal With The Podcast

It was to become the first ever widely publicized account of an alien abduction in the USA. 

When Betty and Barney hill were making their way home to Portsmouth from a pleasant vacation in Niagara Falls they spotted what they thought to be a shooting star, except this shooting star was moving upward...and then towards them.

Having mysteriously lost hours of their lives on that journey they arrived home and that's when the dreams started. But were they dreams at all? Or memories of what had transcended the evening prior?

Mysterious symbols, magnetic play, telepathy, grey beings and DNA testing. These are just some of the terrifying things the Hills recalled from their ordeal. 

This is the story of their Interrupted Journey. 

On top of this crazy story, the guys answer community questions, talk about work life, reminisce about school days and of course give a weekly update on Nick Cage.