Where To Buy Screen Printing Supplies

Sep 28, 2020, 11:00 AM
Where should you buy screen printing supplies? Every print shop – even the biggest ones in the world – struggle with this question. From inks to emulsion to screens to simple things like tape and ink cards, your supplies are how you turn a customer’s idea into a paying order.
You don't want to overpay, you can't stockpile most supplies, and you have to get your supplies quickly. So choosing a supplier is a delicate balancing act for print shops.
Matt Marcotte from Printavo breaks down where you should buy screen printing supplies from. You may be surprised that we aren't just going to give you a list of companies!
Instead, Matt will arm you with the right strategy for purchasing supplies: https://www.printavo.com/blog/where-to-buy-screen-printing-supplies
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