Ministers: What can the UK learn from the Netherlands when it comes to cycling?

Apr 24, 2012, 11:45 AM

British Transport Ministers Norman Baker (Liberal Democrat, responsible for cycling, speaking first) and Mike Penning (Conservative, responsible for road safety, speaking second) show that they have no idea how to make Britain a better place to ride a bike.

Both Baker and Penning says that politicians in the Netherlands might want to come to the UK to find out how to make cycling safer.

Despite the fact that many more cyclists are killed or seriously injured in the UK than in the Netherlands, on the basis of distance travelled by bike.

The government is apparently choosing to measure cycle safety by looking at deaths & injuries per head of population, rather than per mile travelled.

Both men are either idiots, or are taking us for idiots.

This is an except from the evidence session at the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport's enquiry into road safety.

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