How Does the Stock Market Work in India with Vivek Bajaj of StockEdge

Season 5, Episode 88,   Oct 01, 2020, 12:00 AM

Learning how to buy and sell smartly in the Indian stock market is never a dull topic to ponder over...and it's the main topic of discussion in this episode of LongShorts.

Vivek Bajaj is a third generation Financial Markets participant and co-founder of StockEdge, a research and analytics platform aiming to become the 'Bloomberg' for retail investors in India. 

We talk about the wide range of things like: 
- How Indian stock markets have been technology challenged
- How price is as good as the quality of data backing it 
- High conviction themes / sectors when it comes to buying Indian equities post Covid
- The importance of 'selling' discipline
- Why investors prefer stocks with high promoter holdings

...and more...

...a lot more.

Hope you enjoy the banter!