Eugenics Village: Episode 24 (The Buck v. Bell case affirming forced sterilization, and Mary Todd Lincoln's White House seances)

Oct 05, 2020, 09:00 AM
Beyond Reproach gets a little spooky! We bring you two historically dark scandals for your listening pleasure. Start your Halloween season off right!. 

We drink a mad scientist-themed prohibition cocktail called the Monkey Gland which ties directly in era and theme to Stephanie’s scandal. This famous drink, featuring a delicious absinthe rinse, was named after a ridiculous faux medical procedure popularized in the 20s.
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ALSO DISCUSSED: Doctor Nick, #turdlifestyle, Eugenics village, AIM chat sounds, Oprah giveaways, Peculiar Picture Show, and Stephanie the pre-vert.

STEPHANIE does a deep dive into a real-life horror story: the 1927 Buck v. Bell case, the landmark ruling that reaffirmed a state's right to uphold an inhumane eugenics law. We raise our glasses to yet another dark chapter brushed under the rug of American history!

TUX discusses Mary Todd Lincoln’s tragic life of predatory spiritualism. We toast to normalizing mourning, grieving, and encouraging people to show emotions.

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