Meet Auxilion: A DCU Virtual Careers Fair Podcast Special

Oct 05, 2020, 07:19 PM

In this episode, meet Auxilion, an award-winning provider of I.T. services in Ireland and the UK.

DCU Careers Consultant, Siobhan Murphy chats with Clara Amarante, People and Talent Partner at Auxilion ahead of the upcoming DCU Virtual Careers Fair taking place on October 15th from 11am to 3pm. 

If you’re interested in working in the IT sector after graduation, Clara discusses her top tips for getting into the IT world, the kind of graduates they are looking for and the opportunities awaiting you at Auxilion. 

00:00- 01:00 Introduction
Introduction of speakers Siobhan Murphy (DCU Career Consultant) and Clara Amarante, People and Talent Partner with Auxilion.
Quick introduction of today’s topic: Discussion on Auxilion and what the company can offer students.

01:00-1:50 Who are Auxilion?
Award winning provider of IT services, delivering bespoke solutions to the private and public sector in Ireland and the UK.
Project management, project delivery, consulting, digital and managed services.

1:50-3:00 What roles Auxilion are hiring for?
Looking for; development leads, senior office 365 developer, database architects, website support engineer.
Executive assistant, network and security engineers and accountants.

3:00-6:20 What disciplines is Auxilion looking for and what is the application process?
Looking for third year students and graduates in IT, specialising in website support. 
Start at entry level and build up skill set from working with different teams.
Recruiters do a telephone screening before a CV goes to a hiring manager.
Hiring managers shortlist and interview candidates, and an online technical exam is administered.
Candidates may also need to take an English language test.

6:20-7:50 Top tips for those applying to work at Auxilion
Tailor your CV to the job you're applying for.
Have a good cover letter, show something different, set yourself apart.
Show your personality, it could be the deciding factor

7:50-9:30 Learning and Development programs within the company?
Employees are the centre of everything.
Personal Development Plans three times a year, mid year and end of year reviews.
These help employees to set up a career path.
Close manager- employee relationships.

9:30-11:50 Top Tips for those pursuing work in IT/ at Auxilion
Keep an open mind, working with different companies leads to different opportunities.
Many opportunities for lateral movement within Auxilion, new systems, new processes.
Opportunities for geographical movement around Ireland and the UK.
Within the IT world there are so many opportunities, don't get pigeonholed.

11:50-12:59 Final Remarks 
Thank yous and goodbyes.