The Right People (and Assistants!) in Your Screen Printing Shop

Oct 06, 01:24 PM
Are you too busy to do everything you need to do in your screen print shop? Tune in for an insightful conversation between Printavo’s Bruce Ackerman and Campus Ink’s Steven Farag about hiring the right people in your screen printing business. “The breaking point is when you have a to-do list that’s 50 things long...and by lunch it’s 75 things,” Steven said.
Think carefully about hiring an assistant – there are so many tasks and draining activities you do every day that an assistant can take off your hands. “There are people that are extremely talented at being executive assistants,” Steven told us. “I use Loom videos a lot to share instructions now.”
He’s hired an assistant to help him handle HR, payroll, reporting, and simply managing the chaos. At 9:00, Steven explains why you need an assistant to help you get organized – and be a buffer between the chaos around you.
“There are people that enjoy the things we don’t enjoy, no matter what you think,” Bruce points out. This is a great time to hire – people are in new routines, finding new ways to work, and simply looking for new jobs. If you need help, it’s the time to ask!
p.s. who's your best employee? What makes them great? How did you find them?
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