Chief Operations Officer - Cat Agostinho

Season 2, Episode 86,   Oct 07, 2020, 05:00 AM

For episode 86, we aren't featuring a panel discussion as Crystal is on holiday but rather the amazing Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of market research agency Imagen, Cat Agostinho.

When I say 'amazing' I mean it! I think Cat is one of the loveliest people - EVER. Keep an ear out for how many times I say 'awesome' & 'amazing' -think it is fair to say I went a bit fangirl!!!

Not only is Cat highly talented with a stellar CV, she is also the co-founder of dawn network and founder of her own Media & Marketing business - Agostinho Consultancy.

She discusses some real challenges she has faced in her career and shares what she did to overcome them. She also talks with passion about her businesses, supporting others and the importance of walking (and looking up) when thinking.

You can connect with Cat via LinkedIn, find more about Imagen and how to get involved and how to attend a dawn network event.


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