Are You Able to Turn Difficulties Into Possibilities?

Oct 09, 2020, 07:00 AM

How would it feel to look at the difficulties in your life and see them as possibilities for a better future? Susanna Mittermaier is a Pragmatic Psychologist who is focused on helping her patients see challenges as a route to a better tomorrow. 

These challenges could be everything from living with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc. to simply not having the coping mechanisms necessary to deal with the noise of the world. She helps doctors, teachers, parents, therapists, social workers, and patients to see their differences as advantages and to empower them to know what they know. 

Once you realize that your challenges are a gift and that you have a ton to offer the world, possibilities seem to be everywhere. This is really the basis of Pragmatic Psychology. We are responsible for creating our lives and living them with joy and ease. 

Listen as Susanna shares how to move beyond the trauma and leave drama behind so that you can reach a world of endless possibility. She also shares why listening to your body is one of the most productive things you can do and that taking a break is necessary. 

Susanna has so many amazing nuggets of wisdom to share on how to shift your thoughts from being mired in the mistakes of the past to seeing the choices you have in your future.

Show Notes:
  • [02:21] Susanna Mittermaier is the founder of the Pragmatic Psychology approach. 
  • [03:26] Why she chose psychology and how she founded Pragmatic Psychology.
  • [05:00] What is the first step toward making a true change in one’s life? 
  • [06:48] How to disentangle awareness versus feelings. 
  • [08:51] Learn more about Susanna’s book. 
  • [11:53] More and more people are choosing not to settle with the drama. Enter pragmatism and moving toward possibilities.
  • [15:09] Choice by choice you’ll find you see possibility versus problems.
  • [16:51] Does Susanna have moments where she feels the stress and drama? 
  • [18:02] How does she stay in focus to accomplish things each day? 
  • [19:39] Do you have to relax for long stretches or can it be small increments throughout the day? 
  • [22:28] What is the best way to step away from challenges and look at them as possibilities? 
  • [23:21] Connect with Susanna.
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