Live Screen Printing: What’s Next? | Featuring Family Industries

Oct 10, 12:00 PM
Family Industries hosted hundreds of live printing events every year. But that's over for now. The Family team isn't stopping, so what's next for live printing? Companies are still desperate to hold some kind of event! Family's Max Hellmann joins us to discuss how they pivoted their print shop on a dime to virtual events, pick-and-pull fulfillment, and a unique slant on their position between business and customer.
With laser engraving, transfers, embroidery, and custom developed apps so people can design on site – the Family Industries team has made the live print game into a futuristic fantasy. Now they've crafted a way to do virtual brand activations with their own custom platform. From Amazon to ComicCon, Family Industries has mastered on-site activation despite a new paradigm in events.
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