Urban Legends - Spooktober 2020

Oct 19, 2020, 11:00 AM

Inhumane experiments, serial killers posing as urban myths, kids shows that weren't what they seemed and candlelight stalkers. Its Urban Legend time.

00:10 - Intro
02:15 - On This Day/ Useless Lists
07:45 - News Of The Week
21:12- Strange Nick Cage Facts
42:10 - Urban Legends
42:45 - Russian Sleep Experiment
1:02:09 - The Legend of Cropsy
1:19:40 - The Tale of Candle Cove
1:31:15 - Community Questions
1:55:00 - Personal With The Podcast
This week on the podcast the guys are joined by Aaron as they share some of the most popular, spooky and down right disturbing urban legends around.
What was the Russian Sleep Experiment? Who was Cropsy? And what the hell was Candle Cove? These are just some of the terrors the guys uncover in week three of Spooktober 2020.
Aaron brings some Nick Cage facts and figures, the guys discuss the worst hangovers they've ever experienced along with their own unique cures. Community questions keep the guys guessing and D reveals news on the biggest personal with the podcast segment of the year!