Stampsy & Josh October 12-16

Oct 19, 2020, 01:04 AM
On this podcast:
* Stampsy has an observation about a dog's life
* We asked you "what happened on wheels?" after Stampsy's housemates impulse buy.
* What was the Uh Oh moment?
* It's another round of "The Letter Is..." with Bilbo from the... dentist department?
* Josh finds a political speech ripped from a West Wing episode.
* Josh challenges Stampsy to write a Covid erotica.
* An 11yr old steels a bus.
* Have you been on the receiving end of a kid's brutal reply?
* Stampsy wants to know what happened on the slip n slide after one man sets a new world record.
* Google has a new function "Hum To Find" but does it work when Stampsy and Josh hum?
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