Building The New Plastics Economy - The Macro View

Jan 26, 2021, 09:00 AM

Building The New Plastics Economy - The Macro View

This episode of the Circularity Capital podcast will explore the opportunities, challenges and practical implications of building a new circular plastics economy, drawing from industry experts and practitioners. The podcast will comprise four elements with insight from a range of thought leaders in this space.

In this first of our four-part series Jamie Butterworth speaks with Gerald Naber, Program Manager of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new plastics economy initiative to understand what is driving the need for a new plastics economy and how the circular economy can provide a framework for rethinking in this regard.


  • “Plastics is a victim of its own success”

  • “We got addicted to using plastics”

  • Rethinking reuse of plastic products in, for example, packaging and take away coffee cups

  • How do we ensure there is enough infrastructure to recycle?

  • “Is plastic packaging even needed in the first place”
Time Stamp:
[2.50]   Gerald Naber and his role at EMF
[3.55]   Why we need a new type of plastics economy
[6.31]   Linear vs Circular to rethink a new plastics economy
[10.57] Idea of technical nutrients and bio nutrients within the economy and role they play in the new plastics economy
[13.21] Companies using innovations to move away from plastics – how much opportunity this provides
[15.55] Role of EMF

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