Building The New Plastics Economy - PA Consulting

Sep 01, 2021, 08:30 AM

The episode of Circularity Capital podcast will explore the opportunities, challenges and practical implications of building a new circular plastics economy, drawing from industry experts and practitioners. The podcast will comprise four elements with insight from a range of thought leaders in this space.
In this second of our four-part series Andrew Shannon speaks with David Rakowski, Global Circular Economy and Sustainably co-lead at PA Consulting to understand what is driving business interest in the circular economy and what is the role of innovation in this transition and how this can be accelerated.
  • “Sustainability and carbon are increasingly important topics for people”
  • Circular economy is a term being used more regularly and is becoming part of the day-to-day language
  • Selling the business case is a key challenge but also an enabler
  • “There is no silver bullet, it is quite a systemic process
  • A huge focus on packaging as well as the infrastructure required
Time Stamp:
[4.34] The process is consumer driven but with a strong business base
[6.10] Real world challenges for corporate decision making
[10.40] Variables across technologies and geographies
[12.10] Systemic approach and being agile
[17.02] Is a different packaging environment available?

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